Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning is the cornerstone of our service offering.  This service is a comprehensive evaluation of a client’s current and future financial state by looking at your current situation and using that to predict future cash flows, asset values and withdrawal plans. The key to comprehensive financial planning is that through the financial planning process, all questions, information and analysis will be considered as they affect and are affected by the entire financial and life situation of the client. Clients purchasing this service will receive a written or an electronic report, providing the client with a detailed financial plan designed to achieve his or her stated financial goals and objectives.  The on-going service allows the plan to be dynamic and change along with changes in the client's life.  The on-going service allows Green and Gold Financial Planning to monitor the implementation of the financial plan and assist the client as needed. The cost for this fee is based on the client's gross income, as we have found that to be an accurate predictor of the amount of time each client will need.  Client's will be charged 1% of their total income, and while the fee is an annual fee, it will be paid on a monthly basis.