At Green and Gold Financial, we are dedicated to providing you best of class financial advice.  To accomplish this we offer several pricing options to best meet your individual needs.

Comprehensive Financial Planning 

Comprehensive Financial Planning consists of an upfront fee of $200 and an on-going fee that is paid monthly, in arrears, at a rate equal to 1% of Gross Income.  Gross Income will be obtained from the most recent tax return, Row 22, “Total Income.”

For Example:

Gross Income

Annual Fee

Monthly Fee































lnvestment Management Services

If a client wishes to engage GGFP for Investment Management Services, fees will be assessed on an annualized asset under management basis.  These fees are separate from the comprehensive financial planning fees.  Our advisory fees are billed quarterly, in arrears, per the following table.

Assets Under Management

Annualized Asset-Based Fee

$0.00 - $2,000,000


$2,000,001 - $5,000,000


$5,000,000 - Above


Hourly Services 

Financial Planning involving a limited modular service may be accomplished via an hourly engagement (e.g., assistance with a retirement plan asset allocation, preparing a tax return, etc.).  Our rate is $150 per hour.  The fee may be negotiable in certain cases.  Prior to entering into an agreement with the firm you will receive an estimate of the total cost based on your requirements and the time involved.  Are you currently serving in the Armed Forces and looking for hourly services?  Check out the military focused service packages and pricing Green and Gold offers specifically for you!