At Green and Gold Financial Planning we both understand and value how important your time is to you and your families.  We have structured our business to ensure we are as flexible as we can be in meeting with you to deliver our financial planning services.  We have found the most valuable way to do this is to center our meeting strategy around the virtual space.  We don't want you fighting traffic after a long day or limiting yourself only to advisors who are in your immediate area.  By focusing on the virtual meeting tools available to us, we can meet with you at a time that is most convenient to your schedule.  We also recognize that some people value in person meetings, and we can accommodate that as well.  Get in touch with us today and we can build an engagement strategy that best suits you.

Before I discuss what we can do for you, let me tell what we do not do.  Green and Gold Financial Planning will not sell you any stocks, mutual funds, or life insurance policies and take commissions on those sales.  We believe financial planning is more than telling you what stocks to pick or mutual funds to own.  Our main focus is on comprehensive financial planning.  Comprehensive financial planning looks into all aspects of your financial situation and aims to develop a comprehensive plan to align your spending habits with your goals.  As a financial advisor that focuses on those that have served the military, we will also look at those areas that are unique to service members and veterans; military pay and benefits, the military retirement system, and Veteran's Administration benefits.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Take a holistic look at all the aspects of your financial life to make better decisions and live the life you envision

Military Pay and Benefits

  • Gain an understanding of the pay and benefits afforded to you as a serving or retired member of the military

Military Retirement System

  • Understand your pension plan and what you can do to maximize it's effectiveness into retirement

VA Benefits

  • Help you understand what is available to you and how to access those services/programs