At Green and Gold, we believe that financial planning is more than just a plan, it is a process.  The plan itself is important to capture where you are and where you want to go, but it is what happens after the plan is complete that will drive success.  With this in mind we have developed a process to ensure that we capture the present information in the plan, but continue to collaborate as we move forward to make sure we can constantly refine and adapt the plan as your life changes.

What Can You Expect From an Engagement with Green and Gold Financial Planning?

Generally, putting together the initial financial plan will require 3-4 meetings between me and you.  To respect your time and family commitments we strive to conduct as many of these meetings as possible as virtual meetings, using tools such as and Skype.  For those that are more comfortable with face-to-face meetings, we can accommodate those as well.  The first meeting is an introductory meeting, where I can learn about you, your present situation, and where you would like to go financially.  This is your opportunity as well to ask me any questions about the process and if we both feel comfortable we can begin moving forward to complete your financial plan.  After the first meeting, we will begin gathering the data that will be essential in developing a financial plan for you.  We will work closely with you during this process to help ensure we have all of the information needed to develop recommendations for moving forward.  The second meeting will help serve as a check to ensure that we have the necessary documents and that Green and Gold understands your financial goals.  After the second meeting, Green and Gold will begin analyzing the account statements, insurance policies, etc and begin developing a holistic plan to recommend actions we can take now to accomplish your goals.  Once the plan has been completed, we will schedule the third meeting to deliver the financial plan to you and discuss the next steps necessary to implement the plan.  Depending on the scale and complexity of the plan, we may break this out over two meetings to ensure that we can deliver the information and recommendations in the best possible manner.

You have the Financial Plan, Now What?

“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything,” President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Your financial plan is a snapshot for where you stand now, where you want to go, and how to get there.  However, things rarely go the way we expect them; jobs change, children are born, and countless other life events can affect our goals, and change the way we want to achieve them.  That is why we believe in financial planning as a process, not a plan.  When we deliver your initial plan, it will come with an implementation schedule.  We aren’t going to just recommend alternatives for you, we are going to outline how to implement those recommendations, and who is responsible for implementing those recommendations.  This is where our monthly subscription service comes into play.  We want to make the plan as dynamic as possible and continue to collaborate with you on an on-going basis to update and refine the plan to coincide with the changes in your life as well.  We will provide you with a service calendar, tailored to your specific situation to ensure that we continue to address those issues that are most important to you.  We believe passionately in making people’s lives better and hope we can set up an introductory call with you soon and start you on a path of less worry and with more control of your financial future.


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