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Our Financial Jumpstart Program is a 12 month financial planning engagement with access to a personal financial advisor at an incredibly affordable price that you pay on a monthly basis.  The people who can benefit the most from this program are recent college graduates in the beginning stages of their professional careers who want to start building a solid financial foundation for their future.  Through the Jumpstart Program, you get monthly one-on-one meetings with a financial planner to discuss all aspects of your financial life and help you grow confident and secure in the financial decisions that you make.  We will do this in a sales-pressure free environment; this is not a program to get you to buy insurance or invest in a specific security, it is about education and goal attainment.  What do you get from this program?

  1. Complete Financial Plan covering general financial planning concepts, taxes, investments, educational funding, retirement planning and estate planning.
  2. Preparation and filing of individual tax return.
  3. Analysis of current cash flow with on-going budgeting monitoring and support.
  4. Monthly one-on-one meetings conducted via channel most efficient for you; phone, VTC, or in person.
  5. Access to six educational webinars.
  6. Creation of an investment policy statement customized to meet your risk tolerance profile and investment goals.
  7. Student Loan Analysis
  8. Complete Risk Assessment analysis to evaluate insurance coverage and needs.
  9. Complete retirement plan analysis.
  10. Access to financial planner outside of scheduled meeting.
  11. Guidance during your company’s open enrollment benefit period.

For many years, financial planning has been offered mostly to those with large amounts of money for the financial planner to invest.  Green and Gold Financial Planning is part of a growing movement to help make financial planning affordable and available to those who are looking for advice and guidance on living a secure financial life.  Let’s schedule an initial consultation today to start discussing what you want your financial future to look like and what we can do now to get you there.

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