Comprehensive Financial Planning is a process that financial planners use to understand what your current financial picture looks like, help you identify and prioritize your goals, and devise a strategy to achieve those goals.  To create a truly comprehensive plan, we will examine each of the areas described below.  


Analyze your Current Financial Situation

·         Look at your current cash flow, budgeting, and spending to determine where you currently stand before making any recommendations

 Investment Analysis

·         After analyzing your current situation and working with you to define and prioritize goals, we will discuss and recommend an investment portfolio that will help in achieving those goals, while taking into account your individual situation and risk tolerance

Tax Analysis

·         We will look at your current situation and evaluate if there are any specific areas where we can reduce your tax liability and make sure you can keep more of your money

·         Where necessary, we will involve CPAs and other tax experts to make sure any decision we make is right for you

Retirement Planning

·         We will work together to identify what retirement looks like for you and what that vision will cost

·         Based on your vision of retirement we will look at where you currently stand in being able to afford that vision and recommend steps we can take now to make that vision a reality

Risk Management/Insurance Planning

·         We will work together to examine any exposures to risk that can be handled through insurance.  We will talk about your different insurance options and when appropriate engage insurance professionals to make sure what you value is protected

Estate Planning

·         Estate Planning is a process to ensure that what you have earned and accumulated is distributed in the ways you desire while also limiting your exposure to taxes

·         We will work together to understand your goals and desires and involve Estate Planning experts to ensure your decisions are executed 

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